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CounterStrike Table Tennis is Owned and Operated in the USA! Whether you are looking for Blades, Balls, Rubbers, or Pre-Assembled Paddles, all of our products Tournament Ready and International Table Tennis Federation Approved.

At CounterStrike we pride ourselves in product design and our in-depth testing process.  We completely understand that every player has their own specific play style and product needs. That is why we are honest in our product descriptions and attribute assessments. We want you to find the product that fits you and your game best. The team at CounterStrike recognize the importance of communication, and that is exactly why we embrace a strong focus in customer communication and believe our service is second to none.

So what are you waiting for!? STEP YOUR GAME UP with Pro-Level Table Tennis Equipment at a Great Price!


Our Most Popular Table Tennis Paddle Bundles


Our Most Popular Table Tennis Paddles


Our Most Popular Table Tennis Rubbers

  • Table Tennis Rubber | Spin Mystic | Ping Pong Rubber | ITTF Approved | Tournament Legal Table Tennis Rubber | Professional Table Tennis Rubber | Inverted Rubber | Smooth Rubber | Front of Package

    Spin Mystic

    SPEED: 82
    SPIN: 93
    CONTROL: 87
  • Training Table Tennis Rubber | Auto Pilot | Ping Pong Rubber | ITTF Approved | Tournament Legal Table Tennis Rubber | Professional Table Tennis Rubber | Inverted Rubber | Smooth Rubber | Front of Package


    SPEED: 38
    SPIN: 72
    CONTROL: 93
  • Table Tennis Rubber | Dark Velocity | Ping Pong Rubber | ITTF Approved | Tournament Legal Table Tennis Rubber | Professional Table Tennis Rubber | Inverted Rubber | Smooth Rubber | Front Of Package

    Dark Velocity

    SPEED: 92
    SPIN: 66
    CONTROL: 80


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CounterStrike Table Tennis was founded on the fact that table tennis customers were sick of paying $200.00 – $300.00 for a table tennis blade. It’s Ridiculous Right!? We knew we could produce high quality and ITTF Approved products at a fraction of the price.

Unlike many table tennis companies that tell you that their products are “the best at everything,” we take pride in our product reviews. We will tell you where our products are most proficient as well as what our products are not made for. Because every playstyle is different, RIGHT!? We give you as much information as possible so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

Additionally, our customers continually come back to us because of our Customer Service and communication.

Yes! All of our products are International Table Tennis Federation Approved (if necessary/applicable). Our company and products are all listed on the ITTF website so that anyone and everyone can verify for themselves. Many table tennis products you find online are not approved as it is a very strict and costly procedure to ensure a product’s quality and consistency.

This is a question we get a lot. We know it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right table tennis equipment, especially as a gift for someone else. Because of this, CounterStrike Table Tennis has added in depth reviews on every single product we have in stock. These reviews will inform you what the product is proficient at as well as what play style it might not mesh well with. If you are still unsure, you can always read our Customer Product Reviews for more information or Contact Us directly so that we can provide further assistance.

We sure do! You can mix and match any of our products to build your own unique paddle on our Build A Custom Paddle page! Once you make your selection we will hand make your Custom Paddle for you (labor, glue, and edge tape are free of charge).

We have also Pre-Assembled Paddles which are our most popular rubber and blade combinations, and are listed at a discount!

We are located in the state of Indiana, in the USA. This is ideal an ideal location for getting your products to you in a timely fashion as we are smack dab in the middle of the USA.

Our customers range from Competitively Ranked players to people beginners. Our goal as a company is to provide a vast array of products that can meet the needs of any player level.